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Osteopathy Old Isleworth


The body functions best, when provided with suitably nourishing foods which are absorbed and used physiologically and biochemically by the body systems. If good nutrition is absent certain health problems may arise eg. Arthritis , asthma, atherosclerosis, candida, cystitis, depression, high blood pressure, IBS, PMT, problems with weight, digestion thyroid and other hormonal imbalances. Good nutritional advice can help all of these conditions. After the completion of a questionnaire, a 1.5 hour consultation will help you gain understanding of how your body functions. The advice will be geared to your individual food intolerances, likes, dislikes and lifestyle. Natural supplements may also be prescribed. Follow-up appointments, so as to check ones progress, last for 45 mins and are usually arranged at 4-6 weekly intervals.

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